Friday 15 December 2023

The most breathtaking cycling track in Sapporo City for your cycling adventures.

 Top 5 cycling tracks in Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

This is for those of you who enjoy riding bicycles and are either planning a trip to Sapporo or currently reside there and are always curious;

'what is the best cycling track for cycling in Sapporo city?'

It seems like you're on a quest to find an answer to this question, and I'm here to help you out. You've come to the right place, so let's dive in and find that response together!

Are you up for some cycling in Sapporo? I've got just the right spots for you to explore on two wheels. Let me guide you to the best cycling routes in the city! I got you covered! Let me show you the best spots in the city where you can enjoy a thrilling ride while exploring the beautiful surroundings.

 1. The Toyahira River Cycling Course.


Toyahira Cycling is one of the best cycling courses in Sapporo City. It starts at Makomanai Park and finishes at the Isakari River.

The course runs parallel to the Toyahira River and ends at the Iskari River. You can decide which side of the river you want to cycle on.

The total length of the course is around 25 km, and it would take you an hour and a half to complete the cycling track. The tracks go through different river sporting areas, recreation areas, children's playing areas, and small river forested areas. The view of the Toyahira River from the cycling trail is breathtaking.

I recommend doing light cycling in the afternoon when the sun is a little brighter. You will really enjoy cycling there.

So, choose the Toyahira River Cycling Course next time you want to cycle.

2. The cycling course Shiraishi Kokoro Do.



This was once a railroad track that was turned into a bike path. The rail extends all the way to Kita Hiroshima Station from Sapporodaichi Park. The route travels through parts of Sapporo City's Shiroishi area and Kita Hiroshima. It is around 25 kilometers long.

The trail is extremely smooth because it was freshly resealed.  Gorgeous chrysanthemum trees shade the trail. You can experience the beautiful fallage of riding in the spring and fall.

Riding a bicycle to Kita Hiroshima will pass through the Learning Forest, an area of breathtaking scenery. You can purchase refreshments at the Cycling Center in the middle of the Leaning Forest route, or you can hire a bike there as well. 

In addition to cycling, hiking is another activity available in the learning forest.

It takes two to three hours to cycle from Kokoro Road to Kita Hiroshima.

Shiraishi Kokoro's cycling path is worth considering the next time you're looking for an adventurous riding experience.

3. The Kotoni River Cycling Course. 

The Kononi bicycle track begins at the north end of Hokkaido University. The cycling track in Kononi is breathtakingly gorgeous. I've gone there on numerous cycles.

Running on both sides of the river, it's a stunning cove that leads all the way to Ishari. It is quieter than the other two tracks. There are fewer parks for resting and fewer people in general. Small woodlands bordering the river's side encircle it for the most part. It descended below Shinkawa Dori Ave. Thus, if you are riding your bike on the Konoi Bike Path you will be cycling at a lower elevation than the cars on Shinkawa Dori Ave.

With any luck, you may be able to spot some wildlife, such as foxes, gorgeous cranes, and other untamed birds. While riding and running there, I have seen some amazing wildlife.

The track is 14 km long, and it would take you one hour to pedal the entire 14 kilometers of the track.

If you want to experience a calm and scenic pleasure. Try the Kotoni cycling course.

4. The Kotonihassamu River cycling path.

One of the Koni River's tributaries is the Kotonihassamu River. It empties into the Konoi River a short distance downstream from the northeasternmost point of Hokkaido University. The river flows through the Kotoni neighborhood and ascends into the Heiwa neighborhood's mountains in Sapporo.

The family picnic area beside the river is traversed by the Kontoni River Cycling Trail, which runs along its right bank. You will enter the Nishino Green Route after passing through the picnic areas. It is a lovely, verdant natural area with lots of trees.

The road is 12 km long, and cycling uphill would take an hour, but cycling downhill would take less time. It's a tough uphill ride. However, it's enjoyable and satisfying once you complete the course and reach the waterfall upstream.

The Heiwa Cycle Bridge marks the end of the trip. The Heiwa Waterfall can be reached by following the route that parallels the Kotonihassamu River from that point on. There are several scenic views along the trail that you can enjoy while cycling.

If you'd like to take pleasure in both cycling and waterfall viewing. Go the Koni route.

5. The Nakano Cycling Part.

Another river that flows into the Konini is the Nakano River. I haven't gone cycling there. On Google Earth, nevertheless, it bears a striking resemblance to the Kotonihassau River.

Despite being shorter than the riding track in Kotonihassaumu. It has several family parks and picnic spaces, and I believe the vistas are fantastic.

Hey, don't miss out on this one! I highly recommend trying out this amazing cycling course. Once you hit the road, you'll feel the wind on your face and the thrill of the ride. Don't forget to share your experience with us - we'd love to hear all about it. we're all ears and can't wait to hear about your experience!"

By Joshua Sasahombi.

Feel the joy of cycling!.

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