Monday 24 October 2022

Part 6: New Chitose to Sapporo.

New Chitose station.

I reached Chitose station at 10:15 pm. The last train leaves around 10:30 pm. I quickly dissembled my bike and packed it into my bike bag. Then brought it to the New Chitose train station's platform and waited for the rapid service train to arrive from New Chitose Airport. The rapid service train only makes 6 stops before reaching Sapporo. Because it's a rapid service train it takes only 45minuites to travel for 60 km while local trains take almost 2 hours for the same distance because they have to stop at each station along the track.

When the rapid service train arrived from New Chitose  I brought my bike on the train and placed it at the door. There are not many spaces for large objects like bikes on trains in Japan. However, at the entrances of the trains,  there are spaces big enough to keep bikes. In Japan, bicycles are allowed on the train. However, you have to put them inside bike bags. Specialist bike shops sell portable bike bags so you can buy one from these shops.

The rapid train left Chitose station and we made 6 more stops before arriving at Sapporo station around 11:30pm. I came off the train with my bike bag hanging from my shoulder and went out the north ticketing gate before existing  Sapporo station through the north exit.

After exiting through the north exit. I placed my bike down in front of Sapporo station's north exit and quickly assembled my bike. After finishing assembling my bike I  cycled to my partner's home which is 5 blocks from  Sapporo station

At this point, my excitement to see my partner was so overwhelming for I moment I forgot that I actually just completed more than 600km of cycling and 100km of Ferrying to reach Sapporo. When I reached her home she was waiting for me in front of her apartment. She was so excited to see me. We hugged, and greet each other. Then we went together parked my bike and went home.

Waiting for the rapid service train to Sapporo at New Chitose Station.

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