Wednesday 19 October 2022

How to shop online?

Online Shopping Tutorial for beginners.

If this is your first time doing online shopping then you are in the right place 

This tutorial will guide you through step-by-step online shopping. 

Let's begin!.

1. Accessing online shops.

You can access any online shop through a variety of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others.

For our case, let's go to google and type and click search.

2. Online shop home page 

When you click search it will direct you to the `Home page of the online shop you are searching for.

For our case, we are directed to the `Sneaker Josh Homepage`.

3. Searching for products.

On the "Home page", you can see several pages display on the menu bar.  Most menu bars are on the top of the page but some may be displayed as dropdown or at the side of the homepage. , 

To see what products the online shop has, click on the `Products page` or `Catalog page'. The page will open and display each product's images, prices and names.


If you like to read more about a particular product. Click on that product and you will be directed to that product for more details.

3. Add to Chart button

Once you find the product you like. Click on it and on the right side, you will see the "Add to cart button" or " Buy button".

Clicking on the   "Add to cart button" will direct you to your chart. This is where you can keep the product while you continue to search for other products.

4. Buy button

To buy the product click on the `Check out button`. You will be prompted to enter your address, contact details, and Credit Card details.

Once you entered all your details click the "Checkout button or Buy button".

 For our case, click the `Continue to Shipping button`. This will bring you to the shipping page where your total cost including shipping will be displayed. 

To buy, click on the highlighted button, `Check out button` or "Buy button".

5.  Using other payment gateways.

In some online shops like Sneaker Josh, there will be a variety of payment gateway options. You can choose which one you're preferred and make your payment. 

Once you click on the payment gateway you preferred. You will be prompted to enter your address, contact details, and Credit Card details.

 After finishing entering all the details click the "Checkout button or the "Buy button". 

For our case click `Continue to shipping. Your total cost including shipping will be displayed here. Proceed to payment by clicking the `Checkout button or  the `Buy button`

I recommend using the  `Check out button` as your first payment option. It saves time and unnecessary requirements.

6. Confirmation Email.

Once the payment is done you will receive a confirmation email or text message. The email or text message will provide details on your purchases.

Some important tips.

  1.  You need a credit card to do shopping online.
  2.  You also need to use the `currency calculator ` to know how much are you buying the product in your local currency.
  3.  The shipping cost is separated and will be displayed  in the cart as item cost + shipping
  4. Sneaker Josh will use DHL and you will receive your item in less than 7 days.

Thank you for taking this tutorial. Now I hope you understand how to do online shopping.

Online shopping is fun.

Check out Sneaker Josh Online shop. 

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